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致力於發展人工智慧應用於金融科技領域,打造人工智慧交易員 hiHedge。我們是台灣唯一入選新加坡Global Fintech Hackcelerator計畫的團隊,也是第一個進入新加坡 StartupBootcamp FinTech 加速器的台灣團隊。 若你也相信人工智慧是下個世代的潮流,並對新創充滿熱誠,歡迎你加入、成為我們的夥伴!


At hiHedge, we provide AI-driven trading strategies beyond human capacity. In the financial markets, there are too many datapoints that human can not interpret. Humans are limited by our own experiences and the available data, which restricts current algorithic trading made by human. 


At hiHedge, using deep reinforcement learning, our AI trader constantly learn and generate trading strategies to advance your investment goals.


No. 236, Section 3, Roosevelt Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100

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